Appointment Reminders for Lawyers

Text message reminders for your law firm

Take control of your calendar with text and email reminder messages. Clientping serves as a digital assistant for contacting your clients. Connect your calendar and start maximizing your billing by eliminating no-shows.


I was hesitant because I thought it would be complex to set up. To my delight, I found Clientping incredibly easy. It took me about 10 minutes to set up, and works perfectly. Worth every penny.
Nichole Carper, Attorney
Since signing up for Clientping, we've dramatically reduced no shows. Our calendar is more full, and our billings reflect that.
Attorney client
My clients love it, and I love seeing "confirmed" right in the appointment on our calendar. We set up different reminders for court appearances vs. in office appointments, making sure our clients are there and prepared.
Mary Burd, Attorney

Simple to set up

Start confirming appointments in 5 minutes

Set it and forget it. Once connected, Clientping is invisible to you, automatically confirming appointments and updating your calendar seamlessly.

Connect your calendar

Clientping watches your calendar for upcoming appointments and updates appointment titles to show their status.

Enter an email / phone #

When adding an appointment to your calendar, simply include a phone or email in the title. Clientping will take it from there!

Clients receive reminders

Your clients will receive a reminder text/email reminding them of the day and time of their appointment and asking them to confirm.

Let your calendar work for you

Clientping will keep you informed of confirms and declines, and if you choose, can even provide clients with a link that will allow them to reschedule in time slots of your choosing. Clientping alerts you any time a client declines.

“Our calendar appointments show me who is confirmed and who isn't. Our no-shows have all but disappeared! ”

Natasha Venega, Paralegal
Customer profile user interface

Make rescheduling a breeze

If you choose to turn on client rescheduling, declining clients can click the "reschedule" link and they'll be shown the time slots you've chosen. Clientping will only show times that are truly free on your calendar. When the client chooses a day and time, the appointment gets automatically moved and you get a notification. No more manual rescheduling!

“The automatic rescheduling saves SO much time. We don't have to call clients to remind and reschedule their appointments anymore.”

Attorney client
Inbox user interface

Communicate with your clients

If your clients text back to your reminders, you'll receive an email with their comments. You can click the "reply to client" button right from the email to send your client a text message.

Customer profile user interface

Two way messaging in real-time

You can text with your clients at any time, and the messages will come from your dedicated Clientping number, not from your own cell phone number.

Inbox user interface


Plug Clientping into your calendar of choice and start automatically confirming appointments.

Take charge of your calendar

Missed appointments are costing you time and money. Clientping's customizeable reminder messages dramatically cut down on no-shows.

Getting started is simple

Clientping will step you through adding your calendar. Once connected, you'll answer a few question on who and when Clientping should contact your clients.

  • Customize your reminder messages

    Personalize your messages for your business, the type of client, and even the type of appointment. Choose when and how your clients are contacted.

  • Your calendar gets updated in real-time

    Your appointments will be updated to show when a client has been reminded, and when they confirm or decline.

  • Client rescheduling

    Declining clients can be presented with a link allow them to move the appointment to a new time. You control your own availability.

Complete calendar coverage

Clientping integrates with your calendar system of choice, handling the process for you.

  • Send follow-ups

    Thank your clients after an appointment, ask for a review or referral, or contact them for marketing your business.

  • Add multiple calendars

    Connect multiple calendars to your account, each with its own customized reminder messages and settings.

  • Client self-scheduling

    You can allow clients to schedule their own appointments with customizable links and pages for each of your calendars.

Appointment scheduling

When enabled, you will be provided with your own customizable link and page where clients can book appointments of the type and length of your choosing.


Learn more about managing your calendar

Pricing Plans

All plans come with a 7 day free trial, cancel at any time. Additional plans available at checkout.


$ 49 40 /month
( $490 billed once yearly )
  • 4 calendars

  • 600 messages

  • Dedicated phone number

Most popular


$ 89 74 /month
( $890 billed once yearly )
  • 8 calendars

  • 1200 messages

  • Dedicated phone number

  • Hourly calendar monitoring

  • Priority support


$ 199 165 /month
( $1990 billed once yearly )
  • 20 calendars

  • 3000 messages

  • Dedicated phone number

Frequently asked questions

If I want to cancel the 7 day trial, do I have to call you? And will I be billed?
We think it should be illegal to make subscriptions hard to cancel. There is a great big "cancel" button in your account, you can click it anytime. You will not be billed if you cancel your trial.
Can I customize the texts and emails my clients receive?
You bet. You decide what your messages say, and when. They will come from your own dedicated phone number, with exactly the content you decide.
What happens when a client declines a meeting?
You will get a notification and your calendar will updated. If you choose, your client will be texted back a link that will let them reschedule the appointment in an available slot automatically!
Will my clients see my appointment titles?
No. Your clients get a message reminding them of an appointment with you at a date and time. Nothing from your calendar is ever shared with your clients.
I'm not a technical person, is this hard to set up?
We've designed Clientping from the ground up to be extremely easy to use. We'll step you through a few short questions, and you'll be ready to go!
What happens if a client texts back to the appointment reminder?
You'll receive your client's comments in an email, and you can click the "reply" button inside the email to send your client a reply text.
What happens if a client calls the number my reminder texts come from?
When you set up your account you will be prompted for a phone number to forward voice calls to. When a client calls your dedicated text number, they will be forwarded to this phone line.
Can clients schedule their own appointments?
If you turn on scheduling, you'll be provided with a link you can email or embed in your current web page that will allow clients to schedule meeting types and lengths of your choice. You can set your available days and hours, and Clientping will also take into account your existing calendar events.
I have several employees with calendars, do I need multiple accounts?
No. You can connect multiple calendars to a single account, each with its own reminder messages and settings.
What if a client does not want text message reminders?
You can either leave the client's phone number out of any appointments you schedule, or you can add a "do not contact" number in your dashboard. Clientping will never contact any numbers on this list, even if one is found in your appointment.
Do you use my firm or client information?
No one sees your information but you. Clientping only uses the data you provide for sending your reminder notices. We do not share or use your data in ANY way. For more on our privacy statement, click here.
Are appointment reminders sent automatically?
Once you've connected your calendar and turned on automatic reminders, Clientping will start sending reminders for your upcoming appointments. You don't need to do anything else.
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