Connecting Your Clio Calendar to Clientping

Connecting Your Clio Calendar to Clientping

Tom Jensen on May 1, 2022

Connecting Your Clio Calendar to Clientping

Connecting your Clio calendar is simple. Once connected, Clientping will watch your calendar for upcoming appointments, send text message reminders, and allow your clients to confirm. Eliminate no-shows and take charge of your schedule!

1. Create a Clientping account

Register for a Clientping account here. You'll be prompted to enter a credit card and choose a subscription. You will not be billed, however, unless you decide to keep your account. You'll have seven days to try out Clientping, and there is a great big cancel button if you decide not to proceed. No calls necessary.

2. Enter your business details

Clientping will prompt you to enter your business name, main phone number, and timezone.

Clientping business settings

3. Choose your phone number

Next, Clientping will ask you to choose a phone number. This is the phone number your text messages will come from. This number will be yours and yours alone. Select the number you'd like, and click "select."

Choose phone number

4. Connect your Clio calendar

You'll be presented with "add calendar" screen, simply click the Clio calendar button to proceed.

Choose Clio calendar

5. Log in to Clio

You will be redirected to the Clio website, where you will be prompted to login. If you were already logged in, you instead may be sent to the next step.

Choose Clio calendar

6. Allow Clientping to connect to Clio

After logging in to Clio, you will be presented with Clio's standard screen for allowing access for Clientping. Choose 'Allow access'. Clientping does not in any way share or access your data for ANY reason. You can see our statement on privacy here.

Allow clio access

7. Choose your Clio calendar to connect

You'll be shown a list of the calendars you have set up in Clio, including your personal calendar and the firm calendar. Click the calendar you want to connect to Clientping.

8. Enable your calendar

You'll now be shown your calendar settings. To turn on reminders, click the "enable" toggle to activate monitoring. By default, Clientping will remind your clients a day before the appointment, allow them to confirm by texting back "YES", or decline by texting back "NO". When a client declines, you'll receive an email at your notification email address with the contact details of the client and appointment so you can reschedule etc. If you'd like to change the time when reminders are sent, or change the text messages your clients receive, you can do so by clicking the "messages" menu item and the top center of the screen.

Clio calendar settings

Congratulations! You have now connected your Clio calendar! Clientping will take it from here!